Recycling Scrap Metal


Recycling scrap metal is nothing new; it’s been a prosperous venture for many folks over the years. However, today it has become a pretty nice way to pocket a few of those green pieces of paper with the picture of dead presidents on the front. And the way the country is struggling today, some extra money can come in handy. Look folks, although most environmentalists in this country; even the world, may pat themselves on the back about the ongoing success of aluminum and metal recycling, not one person can draw a line in the sand and claim that recycling is simply due to desperate concerns about the planet in general and the environment in particular. The plain fact is that scrap mental recycling comes down to nothing more that cold, hard CASH$$$$! To start search junk yards in Phoenix, bring in your metal scraps and earn some money!

Here in the United States scrap metal in all forms recycles over 150 million tons of scrap material on an annual basis. And that includes iron, steel, lead, copper and aluminum. There are also other metals you can toss in the mix such as brass, bronze, tin and magnesium as well. Yep, there is no doubt about the benefits of recycling any type of materials and more than just putting a little cash in your bank account.

Recycled Metal Contribution Benefits!

Several years ago it was found that recycled metal and the industry in general, produced 50 billion (that’s a B) dollars while at the same time supported more than 150,000 jobs. Recycling scrap metal also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy than making metal from virgin ore. Recycling conserves natural resources, too. Just one ton of steel conserves over 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone.

Recycling And The Can

aluminum_can_recycleMost every person knows about the success of the aluminum can. On a daily basis in this country you can see young and old people toting a sack full of cans to the nearest recycling outlet in order to earn themselves a few dollars; which in some cases, can mean a meal or place to sleep; even survive. In many places, well over 95 percent of all aluminum is recycled and most are cans that can be recycled and back in the store shelves as a “NEW CAN” in less than two months. Actually, recycling these cans has become so immense just in one year over 900,000 metric tons can be recycled.